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6-Week “Get Right for Summer” Crossfit Challenge

Day 30- dang these challenge days are flying by! May 20, 2009

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Sleep: 8 hours

Feeling: upper chest is super sore! maybe from those db cleans? they hurt double during sayaw positions today.


3pm- teriyaki beef cuts, soy Odwalla vanilla almond protein drink

6:30pm- Ice tea

8:30pm- nilaga (beef and petchi gulay in broth, no rice!), glass of ice water, couple strawberries, handful of peach oats cereal

WOD: 7:15pm

10 push-ups

100 squats for time

TIME: 3:25 (beat last time!)

Finisher: 50 sit-ups


Day 29

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Sleep: like 5 hours, I know I couldn’t fall asleep 😦

Feeling: tired most of the day


8:30 am- banana

1pm- apple

2pm- honey walnut prawns with mayo, brochili and carrots. glass of water.

5pm- Macademia nut LUNA protein bar, water

8:30pm- meatballs and mushrooms in pasta sauce, mixed salad with sun-dried tomato vinegrette and sunflowerseeds (HELLA BOMB SALAD!), glass of water and strawberries for dessert.

WOD: 6:30pm @ Capitol Hill

10 db cleans

10 burpees

7 rounds for time

TIME: 11:49

– I started doing squat thrusts instead of the burpees for the first couple of rounds because I thought I couldn’t handle 7 rounds of burpees but then saw the rest of the girls do the push-ups and felt bad so I did them towards the end. Wasn’t sure if I liked using dumbbell (wanted to try it with the medicine ball), but I could definately feel it working once I got to my burpees. Totally collapsed on the ground after I was done with that WOD, and almost fell asleep during the stretching at the end….so nice!


Day 28 May 18, 2009

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Sleep: 6 hours

Feeling: tired, better when I ate something


10:30am- Vanilla almond LUNA protein bar

12pm- apple, beef jerky

3pm- more beef jerky, mixed salad with cesar dressing, glass of water

5pm- raisinets, strawberry soy milk

8pm- peices of steak tri-tip, baked potato with butter, corn, some salmon. blueberry and orange peel pull-apart, glass of water.

WOD: working an 8-hour work shift


Day 27

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Sleep: Enough, probably like 9 or 10 hours because I slept in

Feeling: Like I need to workout because I ate too much at the potluck


12pm- fish with vinegar, champorado

3pm- Luna vanilla almond protein bar

6:30pm- tortilla chips and dip, chicken bbq peices, 2 half glasses of pink wine (I don’t remember the kind, just know it was pink haha)

11pm- Madori sour, long island ice tea, some corona…..or more…

2am- some froggie gummies, small bottle of water

WOD: 1pm


walking lunges and situps

TIME: 11:44 (I beat last time, yay!)


3 sets of:

10 pushups

10 bench-dips


Day 26 (like the band haha)

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Sleep: 8 hours ish


10am- bowl of Oh’s cereal and milk

12pm- chicken gyro, salt and vinegar chips, a few greek fries and kiwi berry Nantucket juice

6pm- Spam masubi, glass of water

8:30pm- Ates Potluck: Filipino sphegetti, mixed salad with italian seasoning, chicken, fish, some fried rice, clam dip with ruffles. Oreo cake for dessert. (Don’t worry I didn’t eat this all in one sitting!)

WOD: oops


Day 25- “Feel the Steel”

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Sleep: 6-7 hours?


9:30am- tuna sandwich with mayo on toast bread slices

3pm- salad (baby spinach, madarin oranges and low-fat asian sesame dressing), low-fat strawberry yogurt

8:30pm- White chocolate macademia nut LUNA protein bar

10pm- Happy Hour @ Ohana’s: california rolls, pork qyoza, beef skewers, belltown roll (with salmon), glass of ice water, Blue Hawaiian

WOD: 6:30pm @ Capitol Hill

Working on deadlifts- sets of 3. Winnie, Mary and I got around to 6-7 rounds. It was just practicing the skill though, no major workout. Starting with 20 kgs and increased up to 40 I think.


Day 24

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Sleep: ?


8am- handful of Oh’s cereal

1pm- Chicken bacon ranch wraps, water, Kellogs strawberry protein bar

2pm- granola bar, water

5pm- one more chicken bacon wrap, granola bar, water

Dinner- fried rice mixed with veggies and eggs

WOD: rest